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If you need to contact me, there are several ways of doing so. The most reliable and preferred way is by e-mail.

Make sure your message doesn't look like a virus or spam, since I run a whole suite of programs running to make sure I don't have to interact with those mails: exim + clamav + sender callout verification + dspam + dovecot-antispam.

Side note:If you worry about privacy, or suffer from paranoia, please use my PGP key. It also contains several e-mail addresses...

If that isn't good enough for you, you could try finding the number of my mobile phone. One hint in case you find it: Remember to turn on Caller Line ID (CLI), or I will not be able to return your call.

This is also true for my landline, which is disconnected. You could try to set up a SIP connection to sip:my e-mail address.