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Getting your Matrox card, Dualhead setup and Xorg 7.0 / Ubuntu to behave!

Get the most out of debian! Well, sort of. Fixes for minor annoyances.

Three pieces of stuff right now: click here to go to the shaper patches. This piece of code was built for linux-2.2ish systems, and is probably very much out of date right now;

Another thing which can be found here is a nice litte aclocal macro with which you can automagically use the stlport-library if you build your project with automake/autoconf. No external documentation as of yet, stlport.m4 is the file to look at.

Finally, a small patch to fix some undocumented behaviour of IceWM, the coolest window manager around. Very quick, lean & mean, and absolutely worth using. All right, enough praise for icewm, the patch can be found here: icewm-geometry.patch and solves the problem of 'geometry' in your 'winoptions' file not working. Has been submitted to the maintainer of icewm, but hasn't been applied completely to a new release. Works like a charm though, here.

Very cool: a nice little piece of ugly shell-script to enable mutt tab-completion of your .muttrc containing mail aliases. You can find it here. Ubuntu (6.06) has a much cleaner solution in its' bash package, use that.

Another fragment which I'm sharing with the world, is very useful for mutt, my favourite mail-user-agent. This text wasn't meant as a text adventure, but if you have some spare time, figure out what it does, realise the power of mutt, and start using it ;)
send-hook '~t ^abuse@' "set signature=~/spamtemplate ; set sig_on_top=yes; set sig_dashes=no; set mime_forward; my_hdr From: Jasper Spaans <abuse-reporter@spaans.ds9a.nl>"