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All right, so you weren't patient enough to read the mutt faq, manual page etc, and want to know right now what this cryptic configuration line means?

Time to parse it!

send-hook '~t ^abuse@' "set signature=~/spamtemplate ; set sig_on_top=yes; set sig_dashes=no; set mime_forward; my_hdr From: Jasper Spaans <abuse-reporter@spaans.ds9a.nl>"

The first part, send-hook tells mutt we're initialising a send-hook - this is a piece of configuration that will be ran when a message is sent which somehow matches an expression.

This expression is the '~t ^abuse@'. The ~t is a mutt-ism, which tells mutt to match on the To-header. More patterns can be found at Section 4.2 of the mutt faq. The part following this, gives a Regular Expression to which the To-header should match. In this case, it matches on mail-adresses starting with 'abuse' -- the place to where spam-complaints should be sent.

Finally, there's a set of settings to be applied between the quotation-marks. These tell mutt to use 'spamtemplate' as the signature (cleverly disguised as the mailbody by the next two options), to forward the offending message as a mime-attachment, and to use a different sender-address.

Quite cool huh? Further reading available at a mutt-manual near you.