home < os x < [ battery maintenance ]  [ oggtunes ] >' ); ?> Here are some tips for when you have the feeling the battery of your iBook is about to die:
<mode style="beggar">if you've been able to save yourself from buying a new (€ 130) battery due to this info, please
so I can eat tonight. </mode>

Some data received:
ModelCapacity (Ah)SubmitterDate received
Dual USB iBook 500 Mhz, replacement battery from Other World Computing Jan 20055.000/me2005-03-23
1.0 GHz 12" iBook, March 20044.3xxLomax2005-03-20
Dual USB iBook 600 MHz, Jan 2002, Battery March 20044.527Jan2004-03-14
Dual USB iBook 700 MHz, Late 2002, Battery May 2003 4.124Stuart2003-09-30
Dual USB iBook 800 Mhz, May 20033.823nino2003-09-27
Dual USB iBook 600 Mhz, November 20013.128Ian Wyatt2003-09-27
Dual USB iBook 500 Mhz, May 200212.300/me2003-09-17
Dual USB iBook 900 Mhz, June 20033.4xxDave Aaldering2003-09-19

1)The battery in this machine is heavily (ab)used

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