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The above statement might make me sound like an old fart, but that would only make me proud. My reasoning for this statement is rather simple; the unique selling point of the world wide web is that you can transparantly navigate through literally millions of sites all over the world from behind your PC. Note the word 'transparantly' in the previous sentence, as that is the primary source of concern. Opening new windows when someone clicks on a link pointing to another site drops that transparancy - you cannot use the 'back' button (or any keyboard-equivalent) to go back to the previous page you were looking at - you'll have to use your mouse and explicitly close the window, or type in the relevant keyboard-equivalent. This makes 'random browsing' not cool. The other point is that sites opening links in new windows are dictating policy - or, worse, they're violating my policy. If I had wanted to open up the link, I'd have clicked using my middle mouse button.